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  • Introduction

    The Arcturians perceive human beings as giants of Light in the midst of their return to Source Creator. This is what we call the re-ascension process. We, at Infinite Healing from the Stars and Energies of Service, are dedicated to provide potent healing copper tools, ancient quantum healing modalities, and other techniques to free yourself from illusionary realities/paradigms. It is now time for you to blossom to your true potential, activate your gifts, heal the past/present/future timelines, connect to your star origins, and co-create the life you are meant to live. We assist you on your journey and spiritual mission.

  • Arcturian Holographic Healing & Transformational Session

    Taking the Next Step! Connect with 5th Dimensional Intelligence & Beyond!

    Our Arcturian Holographic healing & transformational sessions assist you in creating your templates for the 5th dimensional intelligence and beyond. We lift people up to their greatest potential and Ultimate Higher Self. To do so, we need to remove programming of fear, doubt, lower illusion of separation and helplessness, and any form of disconnect from your Heart Center. Your emotional challenges have been the physical symptoms/issues you wish to heal.


    We work with your holographic matrix, which evolves and adapts according to your awakened state of consciousness. We co-create with your Higher Divine Expression (Self) new structures of reality that mold and change profoundly how you perceive and connect to yourself, your world, your gifts, and others around you (including other life forms – animals, E.T.’s, plants, Earth, etc.).


    As master healers, we are here to help you awaken your heart to hear your Soul whispers, follow your cosmic blueprint, and attune your heart & mind back to a natural resonance frequency of Light. We assist you in upgrading your physical, emotional, mental, and subtle bodies as clear conduits of light, and ease your ascension symptoms.


    Session Process (in-person or remote):

    • Body Calilbration Lattice - scanning & healing of your body through the spine
    • Light Language Encoding - clearing & strengthening your Bio Field Grid
    • Healing & Restoring your Diamond Light (Spirit)
    • Soul fractals repair (Heart Center)
    • Holographic matrix: healing, removing, clearing, and transmuting blockages to restore your pure connection to Supreme Source
    • Download of regenerative Light codes at the cellular level
    • Star Ancestry mapping (as allowed by your Ultimate Higher Self)
    • Grounding and Integration
    • Messages (as received)

    The Benefits of our Arcturian Holographic Healing Session:

    • Profound inner changes and improvement in your overall health and well-being
    • Physical, mental and emotional body upgrades
    • Enhance your connection to Source, your Higher Self, your origins (Stars, Angelic, and Beyond), Heart and Spirit
    • Deeper Awakening, including sparks of clarity and higher understanding of your spiritual journey 
    • DNA change and restructuring
    • Shift in paradigms
    • Expansion of your energy field – thus strengthening your level of energy
    • Higher State of Consciousness and vibration
    • Freedom!

    *Changes and Results completely depend on your willingness and openness to receive fully what is now serving your highest and best with ease and grace. Namaste.*



  • Pyramid Healing Packages: ​ Elemental Balancing, Generational & Ancestral Healing, Tuning Fork Star Seeds Activation

    Our 10 foot by 10 foot Copper Giza Pyramid is available for in-person or remote healing. Choose your package!


    A) Generational and Ancestral Healing release unhealthy ties, family loyalties, obligations, attachments and cords. This healing methodology affects positively your ancestors in all time lines and dimensions: past, present, and future. It can be done by sending us pictures of yourself and your loved ones.​

    B) Elemental Balancing restores your optimal health by healing and integrating your Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire elements. We use French Bamboo instruments to caliber your elemental bodies. The pyramid and the crystal grid amplify the sound in and all around you.

    C) Sound Therapy to effectively heal and align your body, mind and spirit. There is a tone for each chakra, including a wave pattern. Sound vibrations step down in your body through the chakras seven energetic centers and address physical as well as emotional issues such as blood circulation, asthma, fear, doubt, anxiety, nervous system disorders, digestion issues, back pain, and more. Sound frequencies attune your body to the healing properties of Tuning Forks.


    D) Tuning Fork Treatments include:

    • Pineal Gland Activator – Seat of the Soul
    • Deep Chakras Alignment and Balancing the Five Elements
    • Brain Tuners Bio Sound Attunement and Four State of Consciousness
    • Nervous System Solar Harmonic Spectrum ...and more!

    *Changes and Results completely depend on your willingness and openness to receive fully what is now serving your highest and best with ease and grace. Namaste.*



  • Additional Services


    Experience physical, psychological and spiritual healing

    ThetaHealing® is a meditational process developed by Vianna Stibal that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing with focused energy through the Creator of All That Is. A Theta State is a powerful, deep state of relaxation that allows access to Theta brainwaves (known as the Subconscious) where memories, sensations, attitudes, beliefs, patterns, programs and behavior are being stored.

    This healing modality can help you in various ways, including: Powerful and Instant Healings; Change Core Beliefs (4 Levels); Feeling Work; DNA Activation; Gene Replacement; Cleanse Organs and Heal with the Heart Song; Treat Allergies; Manifest Abundance, Address Fear, and more.


    *Changes and Results completely depend on your willingness and openness to receive fully what is now serving your highest and best with ease and grace. Namaste.*



    Combo Session

    Get a taste of both worlds

    A combo session consists of receiving a 30-minute reading/guidance, and a 30-minute healing session. Any of the healing modalities available can be utilized during the session. We customize the session to your needs above & beyond.


    *Changes and Results completely depend on your willingness and openness to receive fully what is now serving your highest and best with ease and grace. Namaste.*



    Board of Angels Giver / Second Reality

    Meet magnificent beings of infinite light

    The Board of Angels connects you with the majestic beauty and power of Divine Beings of the True Radiant Light from the Second Reality (non-physical). They bring 36 Signs (templates) that represent all that exists and are downloaded during an initiation process to bring harmony to the soul and heart. The Spheres of Golden Light call upon these magnificent beings of infinite light to come to you and create a crystalline structure of light in and around you. The Board of Angels connects you with new possibilities that transcend the borders of the First Reality (physical) where we live. Ceremonies, initiations and upgrades are part of the experience of working with the Board of Angels. Get in touch with your other Higher Self from the Second Reality, and be ready to transcend your reality and undertake major transformations!


    *Changes and Results completely depend on your willingness and openness to receive fully what is now serving your highest and best with ease and grace. Namaste.*




    Intuitive Animal Communication & Healing

    Heal your beloved animals

    As a 4th Degree Reiki Master, Viviane uses Japanese Reiki to help and assist your pets and animals to heal any physical, emotional or mental issue, including trauma. We establish a bridge of intuitive communication and create an energetic connection. Animals respond well to the transfer of images and uplifting feelings to restore their well-being and optimal health. If necessary, other modalities can be applied to assist your pets and any animals to help them feel their best.


    Intuitive Readings: Life Path, Spiritual Guidance & Star Heritage

    A fully personalized reading using multiple modalities

    With over 22 years of experience, Viviane offers intuitive readings that expand beyond predictions of events on this plane of existence. Her readings are custom-designed to create an elaborate tapestry of information combined with spiritual guidance, conscious answers and an intuitive sense of direction as to the current flow of your life path. Viviane also communes with the multidimensional group consciousness of the Arcturians, ancient Guardians, Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters. This represents the next step in using Oracle cards as a real channeling experience and visual stimulus.


    Choose a Reading:


    1) Direction of your Life Path with Spiritual Gifts Awakening, Support, and Soul Messages


    2) Star Heritage: Lineage, Karmic Challenges, Higher Guidance, Personal Question


    Upon request, Future Readings in Theta State are also available. We also can connect you with loved ones who have transformed onto the other side of the veil.


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  • About Us


    Viviane Chauvet

    Infinite Healing from the Stars

    Internationally interviewed, Viviane's inspirational life story as a biological Arcturian hybrid, ambassador, spiritual teacher, speaker, and conscious channel has touched the heart & soul of thousands of people worldwide.
    She is the owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars and co-owner of Energies of Service. Viviane's successful holographic healing practice and intuitive consultation assists people from all backgrounds with transmuting negative influences, reintegrating soul fragments at a multi-dimensional level, achieving higher soul growth, and creating significant paradigm shifts. She is a conduit for higher Intelligence at an inspiring level, and a universal facilitator to restore the balance between the sacred feminine and masculine polarities.
    Arcturians are one of the oldest, most enlightened star civilizations known to this Quadrant. Viviane and her interstellar masters are here to oversee the planetary Re-Ascension process.


    Welcome to the sacred Matrix of Creation!


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    Peter Benson

    With a background as a mechanic and technician-engineer, Peter went through a major Awakening process that opened up his connection to his Higher Self and the Angelic Realm. Assisted by Archangel Michael, and Ascended Masters, Peter was introduced to the Tensor technology and its healing properties. He conducted a series of research that led him to build his first Tensor rings (all cubits), crystals infused pendants, Merkaba, healing coil, and more.
    Peter is the owner of Energies of Service and co-owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars. His powerful copper healing and grounding tools are inspired by and channeled from the quantum field of Creation. His products are available today.

    Check out our Galactic Store for our amazing and unique tools and latest creations.

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