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 Infinite Healing From The Stars
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Infinite Healing From The Stars

Viviane is an interstellar Arcturian being who ascended thousands of years ago. Her Soul Avatar Essence has returned in a projected holographic form that contains biofeedback.

She is an Arcturian Emissary and clear conduit for a delegation of enlightened and spiritually advanced intergalactic civilizations.

Arcturian Ancient Healing Arts for Ascension

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Viviane Chauvet

Viviane has her own television channel on Conscious Awakening Network. 

Viviane Chauvet is an advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar, published author, international public speaker, creator of the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® and the Arcturian Healing Arts Program, and owner of Infinite Healing from The Stars.  Over the past decade, Viviane has conducted 22,000 private healing sessions worldwide for transformative changes and quantum evolution. Her presence emanates the radiance of the Arcturus 13th Light Dimension system.

In 2007, she underwent a significant awakening and energetic reset and received her holographic and quantum healing training with the Arcturian Council. She furthered her studies and became certified in Crystalline Soul Healing®, Unity Field Healing®, QHHT, and ThetaHealing®. She is an emissary and multidimensional conduit for various Star Delegations, including the Lyrans, Sirians, Andromedans, and other interstellar group consciousness.


She is featured in a multi-award-winning documentary, "Extraordinary: The Revelations," and will be featured in an upcoming documentary based on Craig Campobasso's "The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac."  Viviane's collaborative #1 Bestselling book series "Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace" and "Golden Wisdom of Love, Legends & Legacies" are available on Amazon.  In 2020, Viviane founded an online Community of light-minded people with exclusive memberships, online events, retreats, and other benefits.

Viviane is the producer and co-host of The Infinite Star Connections Podcast. We invite everyone to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN) and Patreon. For information on memberships, events, healing programs, and meditation series.

 Memberships and Sessions

Quantum evolution is a shift in awareness and dimensional experiences. The Ascension formula consists of higher consciousness, advanced light body, multidimensional DNA template, and the remembrance of innate stellar genetic ancestry.            


Online Community Memberships

Are you ready to join your tribe of light-minded people? We have an amazing online Community with exclusive memberships. Learn, connect with others, expand your universe, and become part of an international spiritual family! 



Arcturian Healing Arts Program 

Our Arcturian Healing Arts program includes three levels designed as evolutionary catalysts for self-mastery and conscious ascension. The levels include body template upgrades, awakening the multidimensional and holographic Self, soul matrix restoration, DNA activation, Akashic Records, higher frequency shifts, etc. Imagine three months of pure discovery and transformation. Program is online and convenient with replays available.

Are you ready to expand beyond the 3D Personality Time Matrix?

Next program begins: 
January 4, 2024


Arcturian Holographic 
  Group Healing  

Join us for our monthly Arcturian Holographic Group Healing event! Each month, we explore new thematics of healing, natural recovery, balance, activation, and restoration. It is a powerful 2 hours filled with extra sensory experiences and galactic wisdom.

Schedule for private sessions is fully booked until further notice. 

Please sign up for our newsletter for schedule updates and upcoming events.


Private Healing Sessions

Individual healing sessions and packages with Viviane Chauvet, her Arcturian Delegation, and other interstellar groups.


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London, England

     Thank you, Viviane, for the sessions I have received with you and your team! On the first session (I was a bit nervous/excited as I knew I had been drawn to Viviane for a reason). She is so gracious and calm her Light and frequency puts you at ease immediately and you feel open and ready to receive. I was blown away by the Arcturians cleared ALL my skeletal structure as they picked up I was carrying ancient energy within them (I had not told Viviane that I felt my bones were so stiff/rigid and felt very old)I had also had breast cancer twice and had so much chemo and radiotherapy pumped into me over the years that I am sure was still held in my energy field too.

     After the session Viviane explained what had been cleared and that my yellow/old/brittle bones had been cleared of the OLD energies they were holding from past lives and had been brought to the present cleared and full of Light. So many re-alignments were activated too. Somewhere deep inside I knew the Arcturians/Viviane would help me on my Sacred journey back to source and I haven't looked back. I had a second session a few months after and that too was amazing.

     Then, my next session is coming up and my heart is jumping for Joy to feel/experience the change of every particle of my BEING from these sessions is more than I could ever have expected. I am walking my Sacred path and I am honoured to have Viviane and the Arcturians supporting/expanding my consciousness.

Sihan J.

Books and Movie


Check out Viviane's Contributions

Wisdom of the Silver Sisters


Golden Wisdom of Love Legends & Legacies

Viviane's contributions to each of these books brings sophistication and heartfelt wisdoms to the readers. 

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The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac 

Here is the ultimate field guide to the 82 extraterrestrial species that populate the universe. 

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Extraordinary: The Revelations
A film by j3FILMS

This 18-time award-winning documentary explores the historical significance of E.T.'s presence in specific paradigms, including ascension. 

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