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 Arcturian Holographic Group Healing

Our Arcturian Holographic Group Healing is an opportunity to explore healing in a holographic, experiential, and multidimensional way. What intentions would you like to create for yourself? Each participant will be assigned an Arcturian guide for support and guidance during the event. It is your Higher Self that determines what healing and transformation is the most appropriate for you at this time. We are the facilitators for well-being on your spiritual path to enlightenment and unity consciousness.


Participants can safely experience frequency shifts inside a holographic crystalline dome of light aligned with Arcturus' clear Quartz generators. This protective dome maintains our group in a quantum space for healing and transformation.  Our energy matrix transmits light code algorithms, accelerating your timeline and bio-spiritual transformation. Our holographic group healing may include the following experiences. *Multiple Dimensions of Consciousness *Body Template Upgrade *Arcturian Stargate Activation *New Subtle Body Structure *Arcturian Healing Frequencies & Source Light Codes *Subconscious Archives Access: Resolve Past Timelines *DNA Activation *Release Frequencies Associated with Old Patterns  Our group event assists everyone in releasing and healing any resonance of blockages and barriers while activating innate gifts/abilities.

  • Monthly Event

  • Telegram Group Community

  • Private Monthly Zoom Meeting

  • Global Initiative Zoom Gathering

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