• Ascending With The Arcturians

    with Viviane Chauvet

    2nd & 4th Fridays

    3 PM PT / 6 PM ET

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    Welcome to Ascending with the Arcturians with your host, Viviane Chauvet. Viviane is an Arcturian hybrid, intergalactic healer and universal communicator. Join us as we explore an era of quantum consciousness and vibrational shift. Human Beings are Essence of Supreme Light expressed as sentient physical life forms. Our unique soul design contains our blueprint that leads us to light-body ascension.


    We are here to help you evolve beyond this 3rd physical dimension, transcend the past, heal soul wounds, integrate life lessons, and embrace the Divine Matrix. More than a show, it is an experience that invites you to awaken to the truth of your Higher Self. Are you ready to return to Universal Oneness? Ascending with the Arcturians begins now.


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