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Space, Property, and Land Clearing

Experience powerful space clearing with Viviane and her Galactic team. Their Soul Genesis™ technique harnesses pure frequencies of Light to radiate through your home, space, property, and land, clearing at a cellular level. 

Viviane works with the grids and land to restore balance and sacredness, calling upon the divine essence of the Rays of Creation and the Blueprint Team. This intense yet convenient process is conducted remotely.

Before the session begins, Viviane will meet with you online for the first 30 minutes to discuss the process. The rest will be taken care of by Viviane, as she works her magic remotely.

Clear away old energies and make space for new frequencies in your life today. Experience the transformative power of space clearing with Viviane and her team.

Make room for new frequencies. 
Experience an environment clear of old energies today! 

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