Full Hunter's Moon: Star Goddesses Psychic & Intuitive Readings!

Full Hunter's Moon opens up the veil of illusions to reveal what has been brewing behind the scenes. It is time to act upon the wisdom of your intuition. Our Star Goddesses Team brings the wisdom, knowledge, and the magic touch of two powerful Star Nations: The Feline Star People, and the Arcturians - Masters of Light!

Holographic Grid of Cosmic Energy & Universal Chakras Healing Workshop!

In the first portion of our powerful healing workshop, you will receive a holographic grid of healing by the Arcturian Collective from the fifth-and-sixth-dimensional light consciousness. They will establish a heart-based connection with you to design a personalized holographic grid of healing, Light consciousness & channeled messages.

Learn about Tensor Ring Technology & Benefits! Clear in our Nubian Pyramid

Tensor Technology utilizes copper as a natural and positive conduit on living organisms. A Tensor ring is a length of copper wire folded on itself, twisted and cut to specific cubit lengths. Learn about the various cubit lengths, their benefits and attributes as each ring generates energy at different frequencies based on its lengths and other techniques.