Emotional Ring with Selinite & Turquoise Pendant
  • Emotional Ring with Selinite & Turquoise Pendant
  • Emotional Ring with Selinite & Turquoise Pendant

Emotional Ring with Selinite & Turquoise Pendant

This Pendant is a very heart center tool with an Emotional ring to work on the emotional field.
With Turquoise opening and softening hardness of the heart, it breaks down walls that you have put up around your heart.
The Selenite being a disperser and stabilizer of erratic emotions.
This combination of stones merged with the Emotional Tensor rings makes this pendant perfect for everyone.

Each Pendant is handmade, and made to order.

Due to high demand orders will be filled in the order they are received.
Current 4 week lead time for orders.
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The Selenite/Turquoise pendant is unique in that it merges the power and energy of Tensor Technology and the power of crystals. The pendant contains two emotional rings, Selenite & Turquoise.
The tensor rings are emotional rings which will impact and clear your emotional field including your heart and higher heart chakras. The tensor rings create an energy field like a soap film when blowing bubbles, this field connects to and amplifies the crystals that are in this field. The other aspect of the tensor rings is that the rings radiate out like flashlight beams emanating from the ring the energies that are within the tensor field. Therefor it projects the energy of all the crystals inside the pendant then amplifies and radiates this energy into your field and out from you. 
The Selenite brings clarity of the mind, it opens the crown chakra. With this stone you can access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Selenite helps you anchor yourself to the earth. Selenite is excellent for meditation work as it brings a deep peace so that meditation or visualization can be achieved more easily. If you are telepathic this stone will help you in your task.
Turquoise balances the entire Kundalini line. This stone operates as a link between the lower and higher kundalini chakras. It increases the physical and psychic immune systems. Turquoise supports the assimilation of nutrients and eases viral infections. Turquoise opens and softens hardness of the heart; it breaks down walls that you have put up around your heart. This stone promotes trust, compassion for yourself and others, friendship and relationships. ​Turquoise helps you overcome feelings of being a martyr or symptoms of self-sabotage. It instils inner calm and helps creative expression. Turquoise stabilizes mood swings and stimulates romantic love. Turquoise will help you with feelings of exhaustion, depression and panic attacks. 

When wearing this pendant, it connects to your energetic field and crates a field around the energetic body above your emotional field. This force field will protect your core energy field from energies including environmental, building, negative energies/entities, and people. 

The pendant is what I like to call intention training wheels, it allows you to put intentions on the pendant and be amplified by the pendant showing results from the intention. By doing this it allows us to understand how powerful we can be as aspects of source.

 Note: try putting an intention Like remove and keep out any energies not of pure love and light.


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