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Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing

Allow yourself the freedom of expression as part of the healing process The Arcturians

Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® is a unique modality created by Viviane Chauvet and the Arcturian High Council. It is ideal for a more personalized approach to healing, guidance, and direction. We begin each private session by having a guided conversation with the client. It allows Viviane to energetically communicate to the client’s abstract field of information, soul history, and Higher Self.

We establish the most aligned energetic blueprint for healing and positive transformation. Starseeds are welcome to invite their interstellar groups to join our holographic space during healing sessions. Our signature modality consists of a powerful core soul healing that replaces fragmented foundation with Divine Light for an organic resonance of harmonic recovery.

We assist our clients in clearing and resolving 3rd-dimensional mental programs (ego-identification) for soul integration and enlightenment. Our healing matrix is a quantum grid that catalyzes positive transformation and a quantum shift. It activates energy flow, vitality, self-healing, advanced cognitive faculties, conscious awakening, and higher mental clarity for practical manifestation.

We provide potent intergalactic guidance and ancient wisdom to integrate life lessons and naturally align with the Soul’s blueprint (soul design) and true purpose.

Session Process

We assist our clients in evolving to a higher state of awareness, vibrating in multiple dimensions of consciousness, and engaging their fifth-dimension ascended Self. As an Arcturian inter-dimensional being, Viviane projects an aspect of her Avatar Self into the client's timelines to identify actual needs and potential entanglements. Because healing is a trans-personal process, we commune with the Soul Energy and Soul Deity Aspects. 

Our Arcturian Master Healers transmit inter-dimensional light frequencies to remove polarized layers in holographic space. We aim to replace those layers with Divine Light codes (pure life-force energy) for clearing and subconscious archive resolution. The new foundational energies of the Soul Matrix and the Higher Dimensional Bodies replace any limiting historical data and attachments (past, present, and future).

The awakened cosmic human design premise includes tuning the physical body to chosen higher frequencies for enlightened transformation. You step into Quantum Consciousness and manifest a positive shift when you release others' imprints. 

The multidimensional experiences may include the following aspects, depending on what applies the best to the client's needs.


  • Light Codes Transmission

  • Body Alchemy Restoration

  • Spiritual Detoxification

  • Holographic Attunement of the Meridian and Acupuncture Points

  • DNA Multidimensional Activation & Telomere Healing

  • Heart Blueprint / Emotional Template Healing

  • Release of Archetypal Patterns/Imprints

  • Inner Gateways of Light (Higher Heart) Connection

  • Soul Matrix Healing (Soul Fractals)

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Inspirational Soul Coaching & Channeling

  • Original Energy Grid Restoration

  • Star Lineage Integration

  • Higher Self / Higher Intergalactic Self 

Why Select a Healing Package


Since we can accomplish as much as possible during one single session, our package offers more possibilities. We establish the framework during the first session as part of the spiritual detoxification. It comes with an intuitive consultation that allows the clients to ask questions and explore new avenues. We identify potential unresolved thought forms, karmic ancestral lineage, limited belief systems, emotions, physical symptoms, etc.

In the second session, we re-evaluate what aspects of the healing work the client has integrated and what may need additional energetic attunement. At this level, we decode any physical, emotional, or spiritual sensations that may come to the surface of awareness. We go deeper into the core of our healing work. 

In the third session, we explore the trans-personal process. It is about the manifestation of a new paradigm. What are the next steps of your journey? The client receives guidance, direction, and practical tools to maintain self-healing and self-care. 

“Healing is a personal journey that unfolds on a multidimensional level, including in the abstract field. Allow yourself to receive the gifts of change with inner peace, self-love, and self-acceptance.”

~ Viviane’s Arcturian Higher Self 

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