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Private Healing Sessions

Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing®

We are here to guide you on your spiritual journey! Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® is a unique modality created by Viviane Chauvet and the Arcturian High Council. We assist people in navigating beyond limitations and discovering a higher state of conscious realities. Galactical way of exploring, experiencing, and healing!

Unity Field

Unity Field is a revolutionary energy medicine modality that comprises three (3) attunements with the Sirians. Sessions include an ancient healing matrix with the Sirians and the Arcturians.

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Lyran Universal Healing Grid

Crystalline Soul Healing® is greatly transformative and is based on a Lyran methodology of programming instructions in a healing template. It transfers conscious Lyran energy into a crystalline grid.

Space, Property
and Land Clearing

Free your space of cluttered energies and make room for new frequencies! Your sacred space, including property and land, reflects the quality of your thoughts, feelings, visions, and co-creation. Is it time for an energetic clearing?

Galactic Starseed Reading

As a starseed, you have many intergalactic soul ancestral lines. Do you feel connected to Sirius, Lyra, Andromeda, Venus, etc.? We will explore the influences of your star ancestry in this lifetime. Our reading comes with an activation.

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