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Galactic Starseed Reading

Unleash your cosmic potential as a multidimensional being! Discover the vast network of galactic groups that guide and support you in your journey. With Viviane's expert guidance, explore the sacred roots of your cosmic Tree of Life and the interconnected branches of the Universe.

Beyond the mere question of your identity, Viviane's Galactic Starseed Lineage reading will illuminate your life path and deepen your partnership with your star groups. Uncover your core interstellar group, explore other star lineages, unravel karmic connections, and receive invaluable higher guidance.

But that's not all! Prepare for a transformative experience with a Star Lineage Codes Transmission. This powerful transmission will align you with the energetic frequency of your galactic family, enabling integration and conscious communication. All of this is done in a peaceful and meditative state through the sacred gateway of your heart.

Are you ready to heed the call of your inner soul? Let's embark on a cosmic journey and discover what your galactic groups have in store for you!

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