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Unity Field

The Ancient Sirian/Arcturian Healing Matrix is ancient and known by many interstellar civilizations. In Ancient Egypt, the high priests and high priestesses had knowledge of this healing matrix.

During her training as Unity Field Healing practitioner, Viviane was contacted by the Sirian Collective to reactivate this ancient healing matrix. It is a collaborative work between the Sirians & the Arcturians. Unity Field Healing is a revolutionary energy medicine modality offered to support healing and “bio-spiritual” transformation.

Sessions work through the axis of your spiritual or “Quantum DNA”. The UFH Template, as an “inter-dimensional” pattern of light, was revealed’ to Dr. John Ryan during a meditative experience with The Blue White Sirian Collective. It is intended to facilitate physical, emotional and mental transformation through re-calibration with your spiritual DNA system. This is a 3-step process and must be taken in the order. 

Please allow at least one week between each session for integration.


Session 1: Bridging & Strengthening the Alignment of your own DNA Axis

Session 2: Inter-dimensional Light Pattern Attunement in the UFH Template

Session 3: Re-Calibrate the Energy System & Targeted Intention 


During the attunements, the Arcturian Collective creates a stabilizing holographic energy field around you and infuses your Soul Matrix with Universal Light-Force. It allows you to reset from imbalance to balance and reinforce the new energetic points in your own grids. The Quantum patterning of soul energy facilitates greater change and conscious transformation. Your presence clears the way and your light in the new energy brings the divine within. 

*All 3 sessions can be repeated again as the Quantum Field evolves and changes.*

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