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Interviews and Media Presence

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Viviane Chauvet, Arcturian Emissary, is one of the most highly sought after speakers today for her unique knowledge and experience as an Arcturian. Her ability to engage and captivate an audience as she shares the Arcturian agenda with Earth, is truly remarkable.  It's no wonder why she is seen as a desirable interviewee. Her unique insights and perspectives are sure to leave a lasting impact on anyone who has the plesure of hearing her speak. 

Viviane has been interviewed on the following programs:

  • Healing Wednesday” with Lee (Kryon) & Monika         

  • Coast to Coast with George Noory

  • Jimmy Church's "Fade to Black" radio - 1100 KFNX Radio                   

  • Alan Steinfeld’s New Realities           

  • The Dr. Pat Show                                                                   

  • Cosmic Conversations   

  • John Burgos’ “Beyond the Ordinary”                               

  • KAren Swain ATP Radio

  • Lauren Galey Quantum Conversations & NEO Network                                               

  • Cari Murphy’s “Straight Talk for the Soul Global Teleseminar Series”

  • The Stargate Experience                                                     

  • Dr. Sharnael True TV

  • ETalk TV Live                                                                            

  • Journey Beyond the Truth                                                   

  • Beyond The Tin Foil Hat 

  • 3rd Eye Salon, Psychic Evolution                                         

  • UFO Garage Podcas

  • Luisa’s Passion Harvest                                                         

  • Fit for Joy

  • Spaced Out Radio                                                                   

  • Dark Hour Paranormal

  • Stargate to the Cosmos                                                         

  • BTLV series from Paris (France)

  • Plus multiple other radio shows, podcasts, global retreats, conferences, and stages.


Viviane host her own successful podcast, "Infinite Star Connections" and has her own television channel through Conscious Awakening Network called "Arcturian Academy Channel".

Press Sheet

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